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MCF’S Unique Model Children are powerful agents of change in their communities

MCF’S Unique Model

Planting seeds of lasting, organic change in mountain communities by engaging and empowering children to lead the way.

Our Mission

To empower children through knowledge, training, and the power of collective action to change their communities from the ground up.

The idealism and energy of youth is the best antidote to the forces of marginalization, corruption, helplessness, and apathy under which most rural communities struggle to. We tap that energy to help young people create a better world for themselves and all around them. It is nothing less than a revolution in how the people—especially the young people—of the mountains perceive themselves and how they address problems in their communities.

20th May 2017

Awards and Media

MCF has been awarded GuideStar India's Gold Advanced Level Certification. Click here to learn more about MCF's awards and media coverage.

17th Feb 2017

Sanitation, Hygiene and Health

Since 2011, MCF has partnered with CRY to build awareness of hygiene, sanitation and nutrition in 16 villages in of the Vikas Nagar block in Dehradun district. Through this process...

30th Nov 2016

CHILDLINE Se Dosti Week 2016

The MCF CHILDLINE team celebrated CHILDLINE Se Dosti week from 14th – 20th of November 2016.  The objective of this week long activity is to increase trust and communication between...

15th Feb 2016

The MCF Story

In our latest mcf-annual-report-2015-2016  see how over the past year, the young people of the MCF have continued to demonstrate their dedication, creativity, and commitment to working together to improve...

20th Jan 2016

PABAM magazine

The MCF’s monthly magazine, PABAM, has now been publishing continuously for 13 years. It serves as the MCF’s most powerful tool for connecting, inspiring and staying in touch with thousands...

20th Jan 2016


The MCF has continued to lead the CHILDLINE activities in Dehradun, serving as a first-responder to children in crisis. From April 2016 to September 2016, MCF responded to 222 intervention cases...